Rat Bhore brishti by Buddhadeb Basu

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Buddhadeb Basu 1994

"Rat Bhore brishti" by Buddhadeb Basu is a Bengali novel that explores the complexities of human relationships, specifically marriage and its many challenges.


Set in the backdrop of Kolkata, the novel revolves around the life of two couples - Arindam and Sarbani, and Indrajit and Sumita. Both couples are faced with various issues in their respective marriages, including infidelity, boredom, and lack of communication. As the story progresses, the characters' personal lives become increasingly entangled, leading to a dramatic and unexpected ending.


One of the most striking aspects of the novel is the depth of the characters. Basu masterfully brings the inner struggles and complexities of the four main characters to life, creating a sense of empathy and understanding among readers. Additionally, the vivid descriptions of Kolkata and its culture provide a rich backdrop for the story, making the novel a true feast for the senses.


However, the book can be somewhat slow-paced, which may be a drawback for readers looking for a more fast-paced plot. Additionally, some readers may find the themes of infidelity and marital issues difficult to read.


Overall, "Rat Bhore brishti" is a beautifully written novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships. With its richly drawn characters and vivid descriptions, it is a worthwhile read for fans of literary fiction and those interested in exploring the complexities of marriage and human emotions.

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